Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Distributed Wash Supplies &Wash Booklet To Children.

Distributed Wash Supplies &Wash Booklet To Children.
Together We Can Stop Spreading #Coronavirus. Please Use #Mask And #Handwash. #Staysafe

In charity there is no excess.The living need charity more than the dead.Currently, we are facing a #covid_19 crisis and we need your urgent help. We understand that everyone is asking for help but Education is something we are all entitled too and when massive chunks of any society are deprived of it can we just stand by and watch? Action must be taken.HEEALS is asking that you help us help the children that we so often assist in our education programmes. Right now these same children cannot access education as they are unable to take advantage of any online facilities. Neither do they have the money to pay for a tablet or WIFI costs associated with online learning. US $150 allows us to buy a tablet, the insurance for a year, the WIFI (2gb per day enough for a childs online learning needs) and a protective case. Once this year is over we can then hand the Tablet to another child to benefit from once we find another sponsor for the WIFI and insurance cost. Please reach out to us by email: or message us today. If you think you can fundraise on our behalf we want to hear from you.These kids want nothing more than to learn, not toys or playing outside right now. They simply miss learning. We want to help get them back into school and the only way we can do this is to get them access to a tablet and WIFI. Please help us help them.

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Kindly Donate To Sustain Our Work In Corona Pandemic Donation Details Are Below DONATORS LOCATED IN INDIA Account Number: 002101200566 Bank: ICICI Address: ICICI, Gurgaon Branch Sco-18 & 19 Sector -14, Huda Shopping Center, Gurgaon -122001 RTGS/NEFT IFSC CODE: ICIC0000021 INTERNATIONAL DONATORS Email:

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