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By Pooja Sarkar .

As well as helping others, volunteering has been shown to improve volunteers’ well-being too. It is a human nature to feel good after helping others. Volunteering can also help you gain valuable skills and experience and boost your confidence. So, what volunteering actually means?
Here at HEEALS, volunteering is a sense of pride and identity. “The more we give, the happier we feel.” When you do good for others and the community, it provides a natural sense of accomplishment.
For many students and volunteers here at HEEALS, volunteering goes beyond doing something without expecting anything in return. For them, volunteering means serving in an area of need without consideration for compensation, personal experience or personal convenience. Its easy to do good work when it comes naturally or is something you enjoy.
HEEALS – A platform to share, create,innovate, and work on the issues which bring change for the betterment of society believe that by starting small and working with one community at a time, we can bring  changes that will spread gradually throughout India. All the while working hard to create and maintain a self- sustaining society.
HEEALS  is the idea of Gaurav Kashyap, Managing Director who is a strategic, dynamic and innovative leader with a proven track-record in delivering high-impact plans that exceed organizational goals, and achieve the next level of excellence. Development Professional with M.Phil in Sociology, MBA Human Resource Management, MA Sociology, P.G.D.B.A, is working consistently in making the world a better place to live from past 10 Years. Career encompassing Research, Planning and Administration to Implementation across various parts of India. Excel in identifying and responding to opportunity, developing and articulating a vision for the future, while navigating intricate organizational relationships and systems to deliver extraordinary results.volunteering can be a way for people to boost their personal and social resources, Heading HEEALS team to guide, nurture and achieve a Healthy,Happy and Sustainable society.
There are many ongoing projects in HEEALS – PAD FOR GIRLS, GIRL
There is now a broad agreement about the positive contribution volunteering can have for people’s health and well-being. Volunteering at HEEALS has been acknowledged as a part of encouraging people to tackle social exclusion, through projects such as PAD FOR GIRL’S, GIRL CHILD EDUCATION, WATER SANITATION AND HAND WASHING PROGRAMS. Volunteering can help to provide people with ways out of poverty, by giving them new skills and confidence, and aid social integration. volunteering can be a way for people to boost their personal and social resources.
We’ve worked in a number of states, including DELHI, UTTAR PRADESH, HARYANA, LEH LADAKH, to identify what can be done to give everyone fair access to volunteering opportunities. We’ve worked with STUDENTS, WASH UNITED, voluntary sector to see what can be done locally to encourage people who would usually be least likely to volunteer. More should be done to promote the value of volunteering to the particular needs of different groups. There is evidence on why people choose to volunteer, and we need to make better use of that information AND help people for their best.
Here at HEEALS,  the project has been successful largely because volunteers and beneficiaries are asked what activities they would like to take part in – and the projects involves social media marketing, content writing, fundraising andevolves around that, rather than the other way round. Also, here Volunteers don’t just get access to opportunities, they also get continued support if they are to gain the most from their experience, and that, too, should focus on their individual needs. Here at HEEALS, We recognize the power of volunteering and the importance of diversifying the pool of volunteers.We believe to give everyone a chance to transform their own lives and those of others.
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