Tuesday, 19 February 2013

GAIA HEALTH U.K. - Program of Hope for India’s Girls

GAIA HEALTH U.K. - Program of Hope for India’s Girls

Imagine having no choice but to relieve yourself out in the open, in front of anyone who’s there? That’s the reality for millions of poor girls in India. HEEALS is a charity that’s working to end that lack of the basic right to sanitation. It’s changing lives. Girls who’d had no chance in life now have a future.

The effects of not having adequate toilet facilities on girls are terrible.
They have no choice but to perform this vital function publicly.

Read The Eye Opening Article by - Heidi Stevenson :

Friday, 1 February 2013

A Documentary Film by HEEALS - Thanks To Our Volunteers

The Role of Sanitation in Girl Child Education - A Documentary Film by HEEALS 

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Heeals is a Non Profit Organisation registered under the Indian Government societies act 21 of 1860
A vibrant civil society organization aims to safeguard health, environment, education and livelihood to promote sustainable development of society.

Through The Medium of Documentary Film and Art we are trying to create Awareness Among the Masses about Girl Child Education , Menstrual Hygiene, Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water and trying to relate how Girl Child education is directly suffering due to bad sanitation facilities , unsafe drinking water and lack of knowledge to obtain the same.

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