Tuesday, 25 February 2020

"ATITHI DEVO BHAVA" (The Guest Is God)

India is a country of a kaleidoscope of cultures with umpteen variations in food, clothing, language, music, festivals and religious beliefs. The country is home to four of the world’s biggest religions and each individual has the right to practice their own rites and rituals. The variations in climatic condition, land structure and political set-up have resulted in considerable differences in dress, food habit and social customs and practices. With religion comes the spirit of celebration. Major festivals are celebrated across the country with equal fervor while several others are celebrated locally with great enthusiasm.
In short, the variations of India’s cultural diversity are strung together with the string of peace and harmony. India is indeed an ‘embodiment of unity in diversity’.
Keeping the spirit of ‘ATITHI DEVO BHAVA’ (the guest is god) alive, India has always provided opportunities for people across the world to volunteer in several fields across the country. Not only are people able to experience the cultural diversity of the country, but also witness the extravagance of our festivities. Thus it is a two-fold opportunity that provides a chance to learn and while having fun. Doing voluntary work in India can help you get a feel of Indian culture while doing your bit and bringing about a change in the lives of those in need. Several non government organizations across the country invite students and professionals from across the world to work and learn with them.
Volunteering can be done in several domains
  1. Teaching children
  2. Contributing to Community Development
  3. Empowerment of  Women Throughout India
  4. Working with Children with Disabilities
  5. Providing Healthcare Services
  6. Becoming a Dental Volunteer
  7. Combining Yoga & Volunteering
  8. Helping with Construction Projects

If you are willing and able to donate your time, there are almost endless ways you can volunteer for a worthy cause in India. Whatever your skills and interests, you’re likely to be able to find a volunteer program that will enable you to provide concrete assistance as well as have a meaningful and memorable time. Travelers who have participated in this experience have enjoyed the sheer variety of sights and experiences included, traveling with others and making friends, as well as the professionalism of the organizations.

To experience the vibrance of colors and the spirit of brotherhood in the upcoming festival of Holi, tourists from across the world travel to India and actively engage themselves in the festivity. This naturally becomes an excellent opportunity to make your travel worthwhile. Holi is known to endorse the spirit of giving. Thus one can make full use of every opportunity by filling the lives of the needy with happiness through little efforts.

So we at HEEALS invite people from across the world to come enliven the spirit of Holi while contributing their bit to society and experiencing the beauty of
‘Incredible India’.

By -Tvisha

Sunday, 23 February 2020

WASH Workshop & Distribution Of Gifts

WASH ,MH workshop and Distributed soaps,candy,sanitary pads,stationary items ,sports items ,color books,toothbrush ,toothpaste . Kind Donation Is Supported By Jayde ,Karen & Her Team . We are very grateful & thankful for their kind donation.

Welcome Back Jayde !

One our extraordinary intern Jayde is back after two years. We are very happy to see her again .We are very grateful to Jayde,Karen and her team for their Kind Donation. We are very thankful and looking forward to have continuous support .

Friday, 21 February 2020

Happy Maha Shivratri To All !

Shiva essentially means “that which is not “ He also embodies the concept of union in his state of Ardhnarishwara ,a blend of male and female energies and also of anger and compassion .Shiva is also infinite love and kindness ,always ready to fulfil the wishes of devotees. Shiva is a reminder to devotees that without this dynamic balance of opposites ,life would be chaos ,Without the existence of night ,day would become dull,without woman man would be incomplete ,It is equally true that birth and death are one and not separate from each other ,Shiva represents the very peak of human evolution and the ultimate in life. In order to attain to this ,SHIVA has given 112 methods of Meditation . Life is a phenomenon of coming into form and death is moving into the formless ,Shiva essentially means the formless ,We do not keep pictures of shiva in temples ,Instead we have represented as Shivalinga .In the concept of Ardhanarishwara ,shakti is feminie and shiva is masculine but both are inseparable and united in total unity and harmony ,Every individual has the traits of Ardhanarishwara.
Shivaratri symbolizes union of Shiva & Shakti ,the marriage of two highest cosmic vibrations ,The concept is awakening of consciousness at the material level of existence and uniting with shakti at a higher point in evolution .The word ratri means dark night .When the individual experiences existence ,objective reality all around ,is the day of consciousness when consciousness is all alone and no objective experience takes place. All senses ,time ,space and objectivity becomes still,consciousness alone remains ,That is the dark night of the soul ,the stage just before illumination .So Shivratri is a symbol of the spiritual state of Samadhi .

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

HEEALS Intern Testimonial Video

HEEALS Intern Andrea successfully completed his internship and share his experience through his Testimonial Video

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Internship Completed !!

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Indo-Italian Cuisine

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Intern Having Fun With Children !

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

WASH Lesson In School !

WASH Workshop In Schools !

WASH Workshop In Schools

WASH Lesson & Handwash Workshop !

We organized WaSH Lesson & Handwash Workshop In Schools & Distributed Soap bars & wash info graphic posters.

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