Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"Learn Hand washing & Hygiene Practice Through Games & Multimedia"

 Water Sanitation Menstrual Hygiene


Girl Education Awareness Project

Learn Hand washing & Hygiene Practice Through Games & Multimedia.

 Promoting awareness among children about Handwash & Menstrual Hygiene through games and multimedia. Games and Multimedia played a very important role in creating awareness among school children about Hand wash and Menstrual Hygiene. We created four different Games for children and we called them as WASH Games. Our Games are as follows : 1.a) Sanitation search,b) Hygiene ladder, c) Wash card ,d) Poster and Quiz., 2).In Multimedia children watch Cartoon Films on Hand Wash & Menstrual Hygiene. 3) Super Wash Drama: 2 children chosen to act as Super Wash stars. It is very interactive for children to learn hygiene practice and Helps children in memorising the techniques about Hand wash and menstrual hygiene. We played four different types of games with children and also showing videos of Hand wash and Menstrual Hygiene. Children enjoy so much while playing these games. They learned a lot about Hygiene Practice. We organised learn Hand washing & Hygiene practice Through Games & Multimedia in 10 schools in Delhi NCR Region. To encourage Hygiene Practice among children we gave prizes to first three children for each and every game activity.
Our Games are as follows :

1. A) Hygiene  ladders
Only 4 sets made. Maximum players per game 6 with the odd 7A board game with
           consequences if you break the hygiene code. The winner needs to get the exact number to reach 66

2 sets of cards Yellow and blue - Both sets should be shuffled before play begins
Yellow good or bad action up or down the board
Dice and counters
The game is played with a dice and counter the players throw a dice in turn the number will        dictate how many squares moved. The dice moves clockwise
Action on landing
White nothing
Yellow take a yellow card read it to the group then do as directed. Put card at the bottom of the pack
Blue - The Blue cards are questions that need to be answered – Some students found reading the cards difficult. It is important to find out from the children who is the best reader in that group. The Blue card holder reads the question out to be answered by the player who has landed on the square
Red - Miss a turn you are off school sick
Green - up or down as directed
Purple- Down snakes up ladders
The winner reaches 66 first with an exact dice number.
Give students 20 mins and see how far they get.

B) Wash Cards - this game can be played more than once per session.
4 sets. Maximum players ideally 6 but up to 8
The class is divided into groups.
The winner is the person who collects the most pairs.
Each group is given a complete set of cards.
They spread them out in front of the team.
Players take it in turn to pick one card read out what it says and by picking up one more card make a pair.
If they do not pick a pair the students replace the cards on the table where they found them.
The next player then tries.
As they win a pair they keep it to add up at the end.
Make a note of the students who win the most pairs.

C) Sanitation Search.
The students are given an explanation of how to play the game – Find 3 pictures in arrow to tell the story’
For example – Boy plays with dog does not wash hands he is sick
The 3 pictures are either left to right or up and down. No diagonals or steps.
The students circle the 3 pictures to make up a story
Each students is give a paper face down – They must not look at the front,
They write their name on the back.
Give them a time 4 mins is long enough.
Then all together turn over at ‘Go’.
2 mins –Tell them they are half way.
4 mins pens down.
Get them to swap papers. – They should ‘mark’ in a different colour pen if they have one.
Go through the answers on your large chart awarding 1 point per correct answer.
The markers add up the score.
They do not give back the sheets to the owners.
Ask for hands up 7
Hands up 6 etc.
Take in the ones with the highest score to ‘Check’ them –The children can keep the papers

Mark down who has won.
You may have 6 winners in which case ask them a question first one to get it correct- You will need some questions prepared e.g Who is the president of India or similar

D) Poster& Quiz
Design a hand wash poster for the year below you- as it says set time. They need colours and if possible the chance to bring them in later. Quiz Hour is organised with children, question are focused on Hand wash and Hygiene Practices. Questionnaires are well defined in a set of 20 questions with objective type.

     2.) Multimedia

In Multimedia children watching Cartoon Films on Hand Wash & Menstrual Hygiene .

     3.)  Super Wash Drama
Who is Super Wash: Super Wash is Mythical Cartoon character created by Heeals To   Spread Water , Sanitation Hygiene Practices Among Children.
 In Super Wash Drama Two children chosen to act as Bollywood stars. A girl performing as a distressed girl in tears. ‘Superwash’ arrives  asks what is the problem. The girl explains the man of her dreams will not marry her because she does not know how to wash hands.‘Superwash’ Explains how you wash your hands. Distress girl tries it out and stops crying. Super wash flies off and the dream man arrives. The girl shows and tells how to wash your hands .All live happily ever after.

Initiated & Implemented  By : HEEALS & Catherine Buchanan(Volunteer)