Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Maha Shivratri- "If We Understood Shiva, We Understood The Entire Universe."

Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Maha Shivratri.

May God Shiva Bless All With Abundance Of Love ,Peace ,Happiness ,Joy, Good Health ,Wealth & Prosperity .

"If We Understood Shiva, We Understood The Entire Universe."
The Term Shiva which means benevolent, the benign is the confluence of two syllables, “Shi and Va” meaning the redeemer of sins and liberator from suffering. He is considered a divine dot (.). The seed sources of cosmic creation, sustenance and conclusion. Shivapuran depicts him as an oral flame Jyotrilinga and his spherical replicas as Shiva Linga .The Sanskrit suffix “Linga” refers to process of distraction and creation which Shiva Epitomizes . Shiva is Swayambhu the self manifest and is beyond birth and cycle. Normally people consider Shankar and Shiva as one but Shankar has a Human form and a subtle shape while Shiva is without form, Incorporeal. The self effulgent divine light radiating its golden glow and reddish illumination oval form. Shankar is always shown in corporeal form, mediating on Shivlinga ,the Mundane symbol of the supreme God head . Shiva descends and enter into his divine medium. Prajapita brahma to create virtuous satyug world ,before destroying vicious kalyug culture . The popular belief is that staying awake and chanting the Panchashari Mantra – OM NAMAH SHIVAY. – Will help in attaining Mosksha. Mahashivratri nights is for contemplation and mediation. Meditating on Shiva who is the Energy in each cell. It is his energy that is present in all animate and inanimate. When this is understood – there is an equality, when this is realized there is no ego , no anger ,no jealousy and when it is practiced you escape from the pain of death . Complied By –Gaurav

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