Tuesday, 14 April 2020


The lockdown period is quite challenging for us. However, it is very important that we utilize each and every bit of it to improve our knowledge and overall personality so that we come out of this period as emotionally strong and knowledgeable. Doing little things at home can help us to keep ourselves engaged while keeping us happy and calm.
1.       Read! Read! Read!- From a hardcover book to an online copy, pick up a good insightful book to read. From timeless classics to fictions like Harry Potter, they will surely make you more creative and imaginative.
2.      Gardening: Ever thought of planting beautiful flowers or herbs like Tulsi and Aloe vera in a small garden? Now might be the time to do it! Even if you don’t have a garden or verandah, a small balcony garden or a hanging garden would also be great choices.
3.      Board games and cards with the family: The best way to de-stress is to go for a game with your near and dear ones. From Ludo, snakes and ladders, monopoly to card games, all these are sure to teach you some new tricks while having fun!
4.      Cooking and Baking- Food is always therapeutic, so why not try new recipes? Make most of this time by trying out different cuisines and learn new cooking tricks through online videos and tutorials.
5.      Stitching and Knitting- These are basic skills and everyone should know things like putting a button, wearing a tie etc. So use this time to catch up on all these skills to use them for a lifetime.
6.      Learn a new language- With several apps like Dualingo, anyone can learn a new language at the click of a button. So use the opportunity to learn something new and interesting, while sitting in the comfort of your home. 


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