Monday, 28 May 2018

HEEALS at NIINE Movement's Menstrual Awareness Conclave! ITC Maurya Hotel Delhi

"Yesterday afternoon, our intern Jayde spent her afternoon representing HEEALS at NIINE Movement's Menstrual Awareness Conclave! at ITC Maurya Hotel Delhi The event was attended by activists, artists, health professionals and policy-makers, who all share the common goal of deconstructing the cultural taboos that women face regarding menstruation! The two panels, "Bholi: Loss of Fertility in Females" and "Rangoli: Absenteeism of the Girl Child in Schools" featured influential speakers such as Poonam Muttreja, Shabana Azmi, Dr. Jennifer Butler and Nishtha Satyam! Oh, and we must not forget, guest of honour and star of "Padman", Akshay Kumar! 
Jayde is so thankful to have had the chance to attend this event along with so many prominent individuals in the Menstrual Awareness community, and show that HEEALS aligns itself with empowering female health and success!"

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