Thursday, 13 March 2014

Volunteering for HEEALS

Volunteering for HEEALS   

HEEALS is interested in engaging committed individuals for WASH & MH activity .
What Volunteer Can Do

Teaching children: Helping children to learn subjects like (Science ,maths ,social studies)

Enhancing Life Skills: Conducting sessions with children on topics like respecting others, Tolerance, Respecting cultural diversity, dealing with emotions, saying no to drugs, decision making, communication and others.

Art & Crafts: Teaching children to make various products which could enable them to realize their creative potentials.

Story-Telling: Telling stories to children for recreation and as part of value education
Cultural Activities: Engaging children in cultural activities such as music, dance, theatre and showcase their talents.

Journalistic skills: HEEALS trains select groups of children in electronic and print journalism such as radio, video and newspaper. Professionals in this field could contribute their skills and experience to assist the children’s media initiatives.

Health Care: Doctors and other medical professionals could assist with medical checkup of children, provide medical treatment to sick children and conduct health education sessions. Doctors and Para – Medical professionals can became a part of our Health Camps.

Documentation: Assist with translation work, data entry and case studies.
Receiving a certificate on successful completion of the assignment.

Recreation/ Educational Tours: Organizing picnics for groups of children or visits to educational sites or monuments.

Yes ! “Volunteering Can Makes Difference In People’s Lives “-HEEALS

Be A Part Of  HEEALS Volunteer Force.
Volunteer Can Apply At :

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