Saturday, 4 January 2014

4th January HEEALS Foundation Day!

Today We Celebrate HEEALS Foundation Day

Heeals Is An Acronym Denoting Our Commitment To Committing Human And Technical Resource To Achieve Health Education Environment and Livelihood Society for all.  
The Mission,Vision,Goals &Objective of Heeals Was Shaped Through A Strategic Planning Process In 2010. Heeals Originally Conceived As An Bridge To Meet The Network Of Information &Communication, Capacity Building, Networking And Sharing Needs Of People And Organization That Are Keen To Undertake Sustainable And Community Development Initiative.
Heeals Was Built By A Core Team Of Committed Executive Committee, The Member And Staff Member, Who Collectively Have Extensive Experience In Rural, Urban And Social Development In India.

We Give Thanks To Our Team Member ,Partner ,Volunteer And All Those Who Support Us In Our Cause ,We Give Thanks Everyone Who Tirelessly & Generously Give Their Service To The People In Need . And We Give Thanks For All Those Who Will Come And Join Today ,Tomorrow & In Future Years To Be Good Help To Those In Need.



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