Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Volunteer Opportunity In India .

Explore India as a Volunteer ! 

Heeals is a growing organization which offers volunteers and interns the unique ability & mechanism to have a truly significant role in organizational and program development

The variety of activities at Heeals is available for volunteers to cater students as well as professionals , where they incorporate a healthy mix of community development, team building and Goal management tasks.

Living at Heeals lets volunteers from around the world not only work together, but spend time exploring India as a whole , each state has a distinct flavour, while still allowing volunteers to experience Incredible India.

We offers an affordable volunteer opportunity.We offer you or your Group a live changing opportunities in India By way of interaction with local communities through customised work experiences ,cultural activities and home like stay.We offer Volunteer opportunities through out India  where we give opportunities to volunteer to experience and understand deeper level of cultural exchange through meaningful work,social and cultural activities with local communities organisation.  
We works with local and international volunteers/ interns, and always welcomes continued support. Whether you have six months or more or  just a few hours or a week, we have a wide range of project opportunities. We have placements for university interns and professionals, but also for those who would like the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in grass-root non-profit work.

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